Faculty of Informatics / Mathematics

Since its foundation in 1992, the Faculty of Informatics/Mathematics has developed as a modern education and research institution with a two-tier education system. It offers "Informatics", "Business Informatics", "Media Informatics" and "Governance Informatics" as Undergraduate programs for the Bachelor of Science. The four-semester consecutive Advanced study program for the Master of Science in "Applied Computer Science" comprises four fields of study. In parallel, the three traditional eight-semester diploma programs "Computer Science", "Business Informatics" and "Media Informatics" continue to exist.

Additionally to the education of the students in study programs for Informatics, the faculty provides service for education in Informatics and Mathematics for all other faculties at the HTW Dresden.


In parallel to the teaching activities, research in publicly and privatly funded projects is conducted by research staff under the supervision of members of the faculty in a wide variety of areas of practical and applied Informatics. The research potential is also reflected in the cooperative doctoral procedures for our graduates, carried out together with universities.

The faculty is closely networked with industry, business and administration in Saxony. It thus has powerful partners for the realization of practice-oriented study programs and for the implementation of joint applied research projects. Students profit from the valuable practical contacts and the related professional opportunities.

In the international context, the faculty is in contact with many universities in European and non-European countries through long-term cooperation agreements. This forms the basis for the exchange of students, teachers and researchers.