Faculty of Informatics / Mathematics

Information for Internship

Step 1: Finding a Company

  • Visit local career fairs for contacting companies.

  • Consult the lecturers regarding to special interests.

  • Directly cold call / Application at companies.

  • Use Services of the Carreer Service, Office Z136a


Step 2: Mentoring Professor

Once you have found an internship company, find a mentoring professor. The tasks of the professor are:

  • Evaluation of planned tasks during the internship in the company

  • Professional supervision during the internship

  • Evaluation of student report and assessment from the company

  • Recommendation of "successful/not successful" to commissioner for internships


Step 3: Close the contract

  • Make 3 copies of the contract:

             o Company
             o Student
             o Commissioner for Internships at the Faculty of Informatics / Mathematics


  • Template contract is available and might be used

  • Clarify the tasks during the internship with the mentoring professor.

  • It is possible to use a form of the company. It has to be on a separate piece of paper with the following information for the Commissioner for Internships

             o Address/Telephone/e-Mail of the company
             o Mentoring Professor


General Information:

The internship contract submitted before the start of the practical project is a prerequisite for the recognition of the internship project. If the company requires confirmation that the internship is a mandatory internship, this can be obtained from the Commissioner for Internships.
Please indicate the study group (year/program) in all cover letters/emails to the Commissioner for Internships.
Regarding frequenly asked questions use this link (in German only) for initial answers.


Internships abroad:

Contacts for Internships abroad:

  • The International Office Tel. 3377 regarding organisational and financial issues

I wish all students a successful internship semester!

the Commissioner for Internships at the Faculty of Informatics / Mathematics

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kai Bruns