[Translate to English:] Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten
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Academic Writing

Scientific work is an elementary part of a degree. This applies to university and technical college courses; both at bachelor and master level. Therefore, you are sooner or later faced with the challenge to deal intensively with this issue.

In general, there are numerous ways to do this: from courses that are anchored in the curriculum, to self-study modules, to a classic study of literature and the associated reading of relevant documents. The latter undoubtedly also includes various guidelines and leaflets that are made available by faculties or professors. In general, you are well advised to take this important information into account when preparing your scientific paper.

You can find a successful introduction at the TU Dresden writing center, for example. The entire spectrum of the subject area can also be seen there. Among other things, you will find short summaries about the following

  • to organize work and time, for example to the Pomodoro technique, the Eisenhower principle or the SMART method,
  • to design the work process, including information on the PQ4R method and the famous "guiding thread",
  • to revise your draft, from incorporating constructive feedback to checklists for final corrections and
  • to present your work, including tips on how to deal with stage fright.