[Translate to English:] Schlüsselqualifikationen

Key qualifications are an integral part of today's educational landscape. This makes it all the more relevant for higher education institutions to establish and expand a systematic educational offer to strengthen the employability of future graduates. Therefore, as part of the Center for Interdisciplinary Education at the Faculty of Business Administration, the teaching area "Key Qualifications" offers a variety of events to anchor key competences that are particularly significant in order to keep students aware of the continuing need to develop their own key skills. The spectrum ranges from business basics and management techniques for non-economists, to methodological competence in the field of academic writing, to individual and social skills-oriented modules, such as moderation and presentation skills, self-management, or creativity techniques.


Our teaching is project-based, activating, action-oriented, and implementation-oriented. In addition to classical lectures and exercises, we use blended learning formats, service learning, and simulations to achieve the competence goals.