[Translate to English:] Interkulturelle Kommunikation

Intercultural Communication

Module Z011 aims, among other things, at a practical deepening of the skills acquired. The students act largely independently and provide, for example, low-threshold offers for intercultural exchange with various cooperation partners or as university ambassadors for international conferences. This commitment must be proven accordingly and integrated as a basis in the portfolio to be submitted. The portfolio shows the continuous and independent documentation and self-reflection of a specific topic based on the defined qualification goals.

Further information will be presented in an introductory event at the beginning of every semester. This date and the other dates can be found in the OPAL course. In addition to the German-language version in the summer semester, the content is offered in English as module Z013 in the winter semester. Further information on this can be found in the respective OPAL course. Ms. Meyer-Ross will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

With the successful completion you also have the possibility of earning an "Intercultural Certificate" from the HTW Dresden, if two further activities are proven:

  1. Language and communication: Multi-day language course abroad at a recognized language school, language course from the Studium Integrale offer at HTW Dresden or English-language course as an additional qualification to the regular curriculum
  2. Work experience abroad: Study or internship abroad as well as a lecture about a stay abroad in the department and a field report
  3. One semester support of Faranto e. V.

Further information on the intercultural certificate can be obtained from the International Office.

  • The content of the course was varied and went beyond the dry starting points that I expected. I was particularly pleased that there were self-reflective tasks.
  • Before taking this course, I had never really realized how many cultures there are in our everyday lives and how many can come together in a single person.
  • Even after thinking about it for a long time, I can't think of anything that I would have wanted to learn more about. All the content conveyed was helpful and interesting for dealing with different cultures and I now feel better prepared for future cultural encounters or even clashes.
  • All in all I can say that I left this course with a very positive learning experience. In the beginning, some people smiled at me for taking this "additional course", but I have to say that I learned important lessons about myself, my environment and how to deal with both.
  • I found it interesting that many of the tasks were related to myself and that I was able/needed to reflect a lot on my own. This not only helps in a professional context, but also in a personal context for the future.
  • It also gave me a new opportunity to learn more about the cultures that our university's exchange students come from, in addition to personal encounters, of course.
  • I really like the motivation for these encounters, for example through the integration of the buddy program. They show the extent to which the various knowledge gained in this module can be put into practice.
  • This module has definitely strengthened my curiosity about new cultures. Thank you for this learning experience!
  • I really liked the course. The theoretical material was varied and gave a good overview without going into too much depth, as this would probably have gone beyond the scope.
  • All in all, I found the course a welcome change and enrichment.