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The following institutions are assigned to the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

The Center for Interdisciplinary Education offers courses on key qualifications and foreign languages. In addition, teachers are supported in the use of digital media in their courses and in teaching didactics. In this respect, the offer is aimed at students and employees of the HTW Dresden across faculties.
Center for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses ZfM

The Center for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses is a research institute. It addresses the concerns of medium-sized businesses in its work. Research projects, management consultations, conferences and publications together with medium-sized companies are developed there.


PC Labs

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration has one modernly equipped PC lab.

  • PC-Laboratory Z 623/624 with 26 workstations

Responsible laboratory supervisor     Rene Haase    

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Faculty computer and language labs will be closed during the semester break.


Laboratory regulations of the Faculty of Economics


The laboratory are primarily available to students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration within the framework of the course times specified in the timetable and also for free practice. Whether free computer workstations can be used during a course is the sole decision of the university lecturer concerned.

Opening hours

The laboratories can be used during the opening hours of the university from Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 20:00. You can find out about the occupancy of the labs with courses and free times in front of the respective lab or on this page under the TeaserLink PC Lab Z624. Short-term changes and deviations from the occupancy schedule are possible.


Access to the laboratory is only possible via a card reader next to the door. The following data is stored with access to the laboratory:

1. name of the user
2. card number
3. library number
4. laboratory number
5. access time

The maximum storage time of the above data is 7 days. The data is collected for the purpose of access control and for security-related aspects and is deleted after 7 days at the latest.

Work in the laboratory

To log in to the computer, each user uses his/her personal user ID "s "+library number. When logging in, a connection to the user's home drive is established. In the file explorer the home drive can be found under \\samba.htw-dresden.de\s+library number mostly as drive Z:\. Only there data can be stored permanently. When logging off from the system, all locally stored data is lost. To avoid data loss and misuse of the personal account, each user logs out of the system properly and does not share his account with password with other users.

Behavior in the laboratory

The general legal regulations and the regulations of the HTW apply, which are mentioned below:

1. house rules of the HTW
2. fire protection regulations
3. alarm and evacuation regulations
4. regulations for the use of the university network HTWNET

The following generally valid guidelines are to be observed:
  • Unauthorized persons must not be granted access to the laboratory.
  • In the event of accidents or damage, the person in charge of the laboratory (Z625, tel. 462 2235) or the security service (entrance area Z-building HTW, tel. 462 2210) must be informed immediately after working hours from 3:00 p.m. onwards.
  • In the event of a fire hazard, disconnect all affected equipment from the power supply, if possible.
  • The entrance door to the laboratory must be kept closed.
  • The consumption of food and beverages in the laboratory is not permitted.
  • The installation of software on laboratory computers from media of any kind is not permitted
  • Deleting, modifying and copying of the software provided is not permitted.
  • All equipment and devices in the laboratory are to be treated with care.
  • When leaving the room, the windows must be closed and the lights switched off.

Person responsible for the lab

Mr. Haase, Z625, rene.haase(at)htw-dresden.de

Version from 07. June 2022