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Centre for Medium-Sized Businesses

SMEs and science - partners for Saxony

The focus of the content-related work is:

  •     Corporate management and strategy
  •     Succession planning
  •     Controlling and finance
  •     Sales and marketing
  •     Company organisation and development
  •     Human Resources Management
  •     Production and logistics management

The SME orientation of HTW Dresden is underlined by its own professorship for the management of SMEs as well as by the Master's programme Management of SMEs.



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Speaker: Prof. Dr. Rüdiger von der Weth

Contact partner: Frau Kathrin Winkler
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Continuing education

On request, the Centre for SMEs conducts training courses on specific topics at the university or as workshops in companies.

Various courses have been designed with the Ellipsis Society for Corporate Development, which conclude with a certificate from the HTW after passing an examination:

This course offers you the opportunity to comprehensively deal with all focal points of a business succession and to use the acquired knowledge for the successful development of the companies. In addition to business strategy content, you will also learn about aspects of civil law, tax law, finance, psychology, marketing and economic protection. At the end of the course, you will be introduced to initial situations of business succession. Together with the participants, you will develop strategies for succession planning and discuss these with entrepreneurs who have their own experience in this field. In the civil and tax law sections you will learn at what point and for which tasks you need to involve tax advisors or lawyers.


Equipped with the latest knowledge, you will be optimally prepared for your advisory activities with your customers. After completing the course and successfully passing the examination, you will receive a certificate from HTW Dresden.

The course comprises 16 days of 9 teaching units (UE) each, a total of 144 UE.

For more information and to register for the course, please contact : http://www.ellipsis.de/kernkompetenzen/fuer-berater/weiterbildung/

At school we learn how to solve binomial formulae, write poetry interpretations and the structure of the human body. This is important and necessary. In university, the model of "homo oeconomicus" is used to teach that he forms a clear order of preference before making decisions about all possible alternatives and then chooses the best alternative according to his preferences. This is important as a tool for many situations at work.
But who teaches a managing director or executive to make the right decisions every day in business without being able to go through all the alternatives? And for what is the managing director actually responsible and liable? What do customers, suppliers, credit institutions and employees expect from the "boss"? How do I manage the entire company and where are the (personal) risks? And if a crisis situation does arise, how do I recognise it in time?

Our certificate course shows you how to meet these entrepreneurial challenges and how to actively mitigate risk. As a (prospective) managing director, shareholder or executive, you must constantly deal with new challenges and developments as well as overcome seemingly insurmountable hurdles in order to remain competitive.

This course provides you with comprehensive know-how from first-class experts in teaching, business and law. You will learn about all important areas of entrepreneurial activity. The special feature of our course is the high practical component, because what better way to apply what you have learned than through real, up-to-date examples?
In the practical part of the examination, you solve a sample case in a team, present your results to a selected panel of experts and discuss the results. In the process, you can also attend the presentations of the other teams and get to know new, different approaches to solving the problem. After successfully completing a written examination, you will receive a certificate from the HTW Dresden, which proves your current, well-founded knowledge of competent management.

Who should attend this course?
Managing directors (including deputy and prospective ones), company successors, MBI and MBO candidates, management trainees, interim managers, supervisory board members, shareholders, tax consultants, auditors, insolvency administrators and consultants as well as all those active in the start-up sector.

The course lasts 10 days with 9 teaching units (UE) each, a total of 90 UE.

For further information and registration for the course:: http://www.ellipsis.de/kernkompetenzen/fuer-berater/weiterbildung/

The Certified Controller (HTW Dresden) is a 16-day course for specialists and managers as well as management consultants, which is held in a pleasant atmosphere in the heart of Dresden. Starting with theoretical basics, operational and strategic controlling as well as reporting approaches up to professional and human requirements for a controller, you will get to know all important areas of controlling with respected experts from business and academia. The knowledge gained is deepened in individual and team work through a very high and current practical component.

Support (your) company in the management, control and evaluation of processes with sound specialist knowledge and professional approaches to solutions.

The course comprises 16 days of 9 teaching units (UE) each, a total of 144 UE.

For further information and registration for the course:  http://www.ellipsis.de/kernkompetenzen/fuer-berater/weiterbildung/

In the course of its business activities, every company will be affected by situations that call into question the achievement of corporate goals. It does not matter how big the company is.

Entrepreneurial activity is always associated with risk. One reason for this is, among others, the lack of knowledge about how decisive parameters will develop in the future. These can cause negative deviations from planned targets. Failure to recognise risks in time can lead to developments that threaten the existence of the company. Accordingly, corporate management must deal with risks in all corporate processes. This should be part of the management activity. Therefore, risk management is required in a special way by legal regulations.

If the measures from risk management do not show the desired results, crisis management takes its place. Here, avoiding the outbreak of a crisis has the highest priority. The most important thing is that the company crisis is recognised in time. Dangerous situations often arise between the outbreak and the recognition of a crisis due to inactivity.

In the past, such crisis-like constellations have already occurred at banks and large companies, but also at SMEs of all sizes. However, there is a greater danger for SMEs in particular. In contrast to larger companies, they do not have the necessary financial basis to compensate for difficult situations over a longer period of time. It is important that a crisis management system is in place as soon as the first signs are recognised, so that the necessary interventions can be made in the entrepreneurial system.

Nevertheless, only a few SMEs have such management systems. Often the issue is underestimated or the companies rely on information from outsiders, such as tax consultants or management consultants.
Therefore, these professional groups have a high responsibility to fulfil the tasks handed over to them. Theoretically sound knowledge, coupled with practical experience, is necessary to offer quick and effective solutions to companies looking for support.

In this course, proven experts with many years of experience will give you an intensive insight into the contents of risk and crisis scenarios. With examples from practice, you will personally work on solving the tasks and justify solutions. You will complete the training with a written examination. Upon passing this exam, you will receive a university certificate.

With this further training, you will demonstrably secure an increase in your personal knowledge and meet the ever-increasing demand for regular further training in the counselling professions. At the same time, by obtaining the certificate, you have created the prerequisite for participating in the subsequent course "Certified Restructuring Manager".

The course lasts 16 days with 9 teaching units (UE) each, a total of 144 UE.

For more information and to register for the course, please contact : http://www.ellipsis.de/kernkompetenzen/fuer-berater/weiterbildung/