Faculty of Business Administration


Name Telephone
(0351 462 - )
Room Email Tasks
Baierl, Ronny (Prof. Dr. rer. pol.) 3570 Z 709 Email Key Qualifications
Gestring, Ingo (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2543 Z 834 Email Production and Logistics Management
Günther, Swen (Prof. Dr. rer. pol.) 3337 Z 619 Email Process and Innovation Management / Business Administration
Gonschorek, Torsten (Prof. Dr. rer. pol.) 3362 Z 606 Email Management of SMEs
Handke, Stefan (Prof. Dr. phil.) 3213 Z 626 Email Public Management
Hartmann, Evelyn (Prof. Dr. oec.) Z 615 Email General business administration / production management
Haubold, Anne-Katrin (Prof. Dr. rer. pol.) 2556 Z 257 Email Personnel Management
Krause, Julia (Prof. Dr. rer. pol.) 2324 Z 619 Email International Industrial Sourcing and Sales
Kreul, Kerstin (Prof. Dr. iur.) 3710 Z 607 Email Commercial law, engineering and technology law
Kühnel, Stephan (Prof. Dr. oec. HSG) 3783 Z 604 Email Auditing and management consultancy
Lewis, Gerard (Prof. Dr.) 2476 Z 618 Email International Strategic Management
Mayer, Christoph (Prof. Dr. rer. pol.) 3375 Z 637 Email Investment and Finance
Neuvians, Nicola (Prof. Dr. rer. pol.) 2409 Z 617 Email Business administration - organization and management / corporate governance
Ortmanns, Wolfgang (Prof. Dr. rer. pol.) 3296 Z 629 Email Management in banks and insurance companies / Economics
Raszkowski, Andrzej (Prof. Dr.) 2334 Z 619 Email Int. Marketing Management
Richter, Thorsten (Prof. Dr. iur.) 3303 Z 620 Email commercial law | private commercial law | labour law
Sattler, Wolfgang (Prof. Dr. oec. publ.) 3211 Z 613 Email Business Administration/Operational and strategic controlling
Seydewitz-Gellert, Eva (Prof. Dr. rer. pol.) 2125 Z 607 Email Business administration / business taxation
Stöhr, Anja (Prof. Dr. rer. pol.) 2690 Z 717 Email strategic marketing
Thamm, René (Prof. Dr. rer. pol.) 3222 Z 616 Email Internal accounting, financial and environmental controlling
von der Weth, Rüdiger (Prof. Dr.phil. et rer.nat.habil) 2444 Z 611 Email Business administration / personnel management and ergonomics
Wienen, Angela (Prof. Dr. rer. pol.) 2251 Z 631 Email Economics and economic policy

Honorary Professorships

Name Telephone
(0351 462 - )
Room Email Tasks
Jahn, Frauke (Professorin Dr.) Email Occupational safety and company health management
Nicolaus, Christian (Prof. Dr.) Email Business Ethics

Teachers for special tasks

Name Telephone
(0351 462 - )
Room Email Tasks
Ampié Loría, Carlos Alberto (B.A.) 2401 Z 716 Email Spanish
Buhl, Silke (Dipl.-Angl.) 3442 Z 718 Email English
Lange, Katrin (M.A.) 2157 Z 615 Email Applied business administration
Lienig, Martine (Ph.D.) 2895 Z 713 Email French
Lienig, Petra (Dipl.-Lehrerin) 3352 Z 715 Email English
Meyer-Ross, Kerstin Kathy (Dr. phil.) 2554 Z 604 Email Key Qualifications
Rinaldi Mielitz, Rejane (M.A.) 2506 S 419 Email Language group leader German as a foreign language and Language Lab Management (S419)
Rudat, Renate (Dipl.-Lehrerin) 3142 Z 718 Email Language training: English, German as a foreign languages
Schumann-Arduin, Helene (B.A.) 2565 Z 713 Email English and French
Urban-Greatorex, Kate (M.A.) 3360 Z 719 Email English
Virk, Beate (Dipl.-Sprachmittlerin) 2525 Z 716 Email Teaching English and German as foreign languages
Wadehn-Peña, Ute (Dipl.-Sprachmittlerin) 3565 Z 716 Email Lecturer for Spanish, English and German


Name Telephone
(0351 462 - )
Room Email Tasks
Böhm, Heike 2128 Z 635 Email Study organisation
Günther, Christine (Dipl.-Betriebswirt (BA)) 2074 Z 708 Email
Haase, René 2235 Z 625 Email Network administration, laboratory support
Kußauer, Diana (M.A.) 3206 Z 636 Email Dean's Assistant
Otto, Marina 2623 Z 638 Email final papers/ internships

Project staff

Name Telephone
(0351 462 - )
Room Email Tasks
Fuchs, Karin 2065 A 418 Email Project staff
Saifoulline, Rinat (Dipl.-Psych.) 2091 A 424 Email Project staff
Wieczorek, Katrin (Dr.-Ing.) 2574 A 417 Email Ergonomics
Gavali, Karishma Jagdish (M.A.) 2529 A 423 Email

Visiting Scientists

Name Telephone
(0351 462 - )
Room Email Tasks
Dobrovolska, Olena Email