Interlibrary Loan

Our aim is to tailor the library's holdings to user requirements. Should the required media not be available, interlibrary loan is possible in accordance with the interlibrary loan regulations of German libraries. The University Library is connected to the national and international interlibrary loan system.
Interlibrary loan via the library (only for members of the HTW)
  •     The orders must serve a scientific purpose, professional or personal information or further education.
  •     The requested literature is not available in the university library or other publicly accessible libraries in Dresden.
  •     The interlibrary loan slip can be purchased at the counter for a fee of 1.50 € (only during main opening hours) and can be filled out completely and legibly.
  •     There is no guarantee that a successful interlibrary loan order will be obtained in every case.
Document delivery service SUBITO
  •     Document delivery service of scientific libraries from Germany, Austria and Switzerland,
  •     Making and sending copies of articles from printed magazines or books,
  •     Support for the lending of books

As of January 2019, articles from currently unlicensed Elsevier journals will be procured for HTW staff members by the library at the cost of the library. For particularly urgent needs we will use an express delivery service. Please contact fernleihe(at)

Interlibrary loan

If you wish to order books or documents from other libraries, please contact our Interlibrary Loan Team.


Team Acquisitions

For new acquisitions or questions about the library stock, please contact the acquisition team.