Step 3 - Find out whether there are any costs for your publication and apply for financial support if necessary!

A key feature that distinguishes the various publication channels from one another is their financing model.

You can find out here what costs you may incur, where you can obtain support for this or what free alternatives exist:

For Gold Open Access publications, publishers typically charge so-called APCs (Article Processing Charges) to the authors. The amount of these charges can vary considerably between journals. However, higher APCs are not a guarantee of a higher quality journal. The databases and tools presented on this page, such as the DOAJ or the oa-finder, will provide you with information on the costs incurred.

Furthermore, as a member of the HTWD, you can receive a 20 percent discount on the APCs of Gold Open Access journals from the publishers Elsevier, Springer Nature and Wiley as part of the DEAL agreements. In the Gold Open Access journals published by SAGE Publishing, a discount of the same amount is granted on APCs as part of a Publish-and-Read agreement.

When planning (third-party funded) projects, it is often possible to apply for corresponding lump sums to cover APCs as part of the application process. The HTWD has created an Open Access Publication Fund for authors who are not able to finance APCs entirely from faculty budgets, project or third-party funds. Information on how to apply and the requirements for funding can be found on this page.

In order to avoid paying APCs, we recommend checking whether a publication in a Diamond Open Access journal or in a Hybrid Open Access journal within the framework of the DEAL agreements might be an option.

As an author, you do not have to pay for publications in Diamond Open Access journals. These are borne, for example, by scientific institutions, associations, sponsors or library consortia, some of which act as publishers themselves.


There are no costs for a secondary publication of your publication on an institutional or disciplinary repository, such as Qucosa.


For an Open Access publication in the subscription journals of Elsevier, Springer Nature and Wiley, a so-called Publish-and-Read Fee (short: PAR Fee) is due under the DEAL agreements. Financial support from the HTWD Publication Fund can be applied for. Further details on the conditions can be found on our page about DEAL agreements.

There are no costs for an Open Access publication in the subscription journals of SAGE Choice (subject area Materials Science), as these are covered by the university library as part of a Publish-and-Read agreement concluded with SAGE.

The costs of Hybrid Open Access publications with all other publishers, on the other hand, are to be paid by the authors themselves. Financial support for Hybrid Open Access publications by the HTWD Publication Fund is also excluded outside the DEAL contracts.

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