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Research projects at the Department of Geotechnical Engineering

Researcher profile of Prof. Dr. Ing. habil. Jens Engel

Selected projects at the Department of Geotechnical Engineering with assignment to TRL (Technology Readiness Level)

project title TRL
p2021_3_SwanRisk: Management of natural risks by means of monitoring and risk models in Svaneti (Georgia) - risk models (for unconsolidated rock) and subsoil 6/7
p2021_2_biotess: Technical-biological process for drainage stabilization of existing slopes, embankments and hillsides 6/7
p2021_1_utz-mks: Testing facilities for developing, optimizing and testing mobile protection walls for flood protection and emergency management (utz-mks) 6/7
p2020_2_geomtn: Soil analysis tool for identifying hydromechanical, climatic and weather-related environmental risks 6/7
p2020_1_iris: Natural hazards and infrastructure - Assessment and improvement of the engineering structure resistance against natural hazards 6/7
p2019_2_cwh: Combined footing-injection foundation elements for shallow single foundations 6/7
p2019_1_hrms: Environmental engineering approach to the sustainable natural resource restoration 6/7
p2018_2_flp: Development of the subsurface components and design basis for a complex flood protection system 6/7
p2017_2_bbn: Testing and assessment of biological-based binder mixtures, development of computational verification methods 6/7
p2017_1_dp4.0: Development of a dynamic-acoustic rapid method for the subsurface investigation 6/7
p2016_3_njk: Development of instruction / interaction of the soil and the stabilizing element 6/7
p2014_2_psd_cam: Pattern recognition for the identification of problematic soils 5/6
p2014_1_slp: Development of methods for the detection and prediction of transient seepage processes in dikes and dams 6/7
p2013_1_prag13: Image analysis workstation for determining environmental and geotechnical parameters in the laboratory 7/8
p2011_1_geocrust: Development of a slope covering layer with high tensile strength and integrated erosion protection for the stabilization of unstable slopes 6/7
p2008_2_slr: Development of a method for dimensioning beam-like foundation elements under cyclic loads for decentralized renewable energy plants 6/7
p2008_1_prg: Development of a knowledge-based system for the management of environmental geotechnical project data (soil, water) 8