Faculty of Spatial Information

Laboratory of Graphic Data Processing

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Visitors address
Mensa building
Entrance B, 1st floor
Room M 103.2
Reichenbachstraße 1
01069 Dresden

Mailing address
HTW Dresden
Fak. Geoinformation
PF120701, D-01008 Dresden

Tel: +49 351 462 3174


Name Telephone
(0351 462 - )
Room Email Tasks
Clemen, Christian (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 3199 Z 728 Email Surveying and BIM
Kopf, Stephan Joachim (Prof. Dr. rer. nat.) 2145 Z 720 Email Computer Science & Geoinformatics
Tauscher, Helga (Dr.-Ing.) 3156 Z 721 Email Building Information and City Modelling
Gruner, Felix (M.Eng.) 3405 M 103.1 Email Energy-efficient construction site monitoring using autonomous robotics, laser scanning and Building Information Modelling (Green3DScan)
Schäfer, Kathleen (Dipl.-Ing. (FH)) 3174 M 102.2 Email
Schilling, Sebastian (M.Eng.) 3404 M 103.1 Email ESF Plus Promotionsstipendium, ZIM-Projekt „Hypokeimenon“
Romanschek, Enrico (M.Eng.) 3151 Z 707A Email