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Laboratory of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

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Course Content

Photogrammetry and remote sensing are indirect noncontact observation methods. Photogrammetry deals specifically with the extraction of three-dimensional information from image data. Remote sensing, on the other hand, refers to the process of obtaining reliable information about physical objects and the environment through the process of recording, measuring and interpreting images and patterns of electromagnetic radiation images and other phenomena.

Practical exercises in the areas of digital image processing, terrestrial and airborne photogrammetry and remote sensing take place in the laboratory. In addition, projects and theses are professionally supported.

Digital image processing is the term used to describe the entirety of the processes by which a digital image is mathematically converted into a modified digital image. The change can relate to the geometric and/or radiometric image properties (i.e. gray value/hue, brightness, saturation) or be the result of a classification (DIN 18716-3, No. 7.1.5).

Practical exercises are offered in the laboratory on the following key areas of digital image processing:

  •      digital images
  •      color theory
  •      point operations
  •      filter operations
  •      geometric transformations


In the field of photogrammetry, the following exercise content is taught in the laboratory:

  •      3D terrain data acquisition from aerial photographs for CAD and geographic information systems (GIS)
  •      aerotriangulation
  •      Digital terrain models, 3D visualizations
  •      Orthoimages, image mosaic, image maps
  •      Evaluation of UAS images (Unmanned Aerial System)
  •      3D point cloud generation using SfM (Structure from Motion)

In the field of remote sensing, exercises and internships are offered on the following topics:

  •      Georeferencing of satellite images
  •      pan sharpening
  •      Multispectral Classification
  •      Change detection / monitoring
  •      Indices
  •      Evaluation of stereo satellite data
  •      Digital terrain models (SRTM, Aster, etc.)
  •      etc.

In the laboratory, both classic and modern methods of terrestrial photogrammetry and laser scanning methods are taught through practical exercises. Internships focus on the following areas:

  •      Surveying buildings for 3D models
  •      Deformation measurements on industrial objects
  •      Camera calibration
  •      3D point cloud generation using SfM (Structure from Motion)
  •      etc.


Name Telephone
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Room Email Tasks
Bruschke, Bettina (Dipl.-Ing.) 3169 M 119 Email
Ettelt, Fabian (B.Eng.) 3161 M 524 Email surveying technology, photogrammetry
Oczipka, Martin (Prof. Dr. rer. nat.) 3155 Z 727 Email Remote Sensing
Richter, Christiane (M.Sc.) 2936 M 120 Email Remote Sensing, Digital Image Processing, Land Management
Schneider, Danilo (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 3312 Z 706 Email Photogrammetry, Laser Scanning, Optical 3D Measurement Techniques
Teichert, Bernd-Dieter (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 3179 M 120 Email Remote Sensing / Photogrammetry / GIS