Faculty of Spatial Information

IN DUBIO PRO GEO - Geodetic Cloud Computing

In this web project basic and advanced geodetic computations are realised. Most of the computations are illustrated by numerous examples, which can be processed. Moreover, the user (students or geodesists doing practical work) finds some data bases, especially a collection of references to more than 2000 scientific resources in all branches of geodesy. Currently we count about 200 accesses per day.

IN DUBIO PRO GEO is a geodetic cloud computing software. It offers tools for geodetic computations and adjustment

  • scientifically proper, but easily comprehensible
  • with guides and tutorials
  • with library and registers
  • free and manufacturer-independent
  • no advertisement, no registration, no cookies
  • plattform-independent (runs also on smartphones etc.)
  • no installation at your computer required
  • no plugin needed, runs without Javascript
  • english and german
  • is under constant development