Smart Production Systems

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View in the Industrial Internet of Things Test Bed. You see a production line with different stations.
HTW Dresden/Sebb

Research Group "Smart Production Systems"

We are researching solutions for digitalization in manufacturing. With our plant - the Industrial IoT Test Bed - we would like to make diverse principles of digitization available, tangible and researchable.

Prof. Dr. Dirk Reichelt
Prof. Reichelt holds intelligent material box in his hand

What is an Industrial IoT Test Bed?

Insight into IIoT Test Bed. The picture shows a production line with different stations.
HTW Dresden/Sebb

The research group Smart Production Systems (abbr. SPS) - under the direction of Prof. Dr. Dirk Reichelt - addresses the issue how future-oriented production scenarios look like, especially by using industry-relevant key technologies. To investigate the problem Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) the Test Bed was developed as an environment of test and experiment at the University. The working group consists of an interdisciplinary research team including informatics, automation technology, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering and management.

Research Group "Smart Production Systems"

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  • Employees

    13 scientific assistants

    5 student assistants

  • Projects

    Development and research in more than 10 projects

  • Thesis

    More than 40 final assignments since 2017

  • Coorperations

    +20 coorperations with industry and research

  • Robots

    2 collaborative robots

    5 industrial robots




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