Faculty of Informatics / Mathematics

Intelligent Interactive Mobile Service and Assistance Systems ( I²MSAS )

Duration: 01.09.2011 - 31.08.2014
Funding: Europäische Sozialfonds (ESF)
Project collaborator Technische Sammlungen Dresden, TU Ilmenau
Artificial Intelligence Lab: Prof. Hans-Joachim Böhme, Sven Hellbach, Marian Himstedt, Marc Donner, Richard Schmidt


With regard to the practical implementation of the project results, the deployment scenario "Robot Assistant in the Technischen Sammlungen Dresden" is the central object of the project. In the first phase, it is planned to use the robot as a mobile intelligent reception system that welcomes museum visitors, points out specifics of current exhibitions and provides general information about the museum. This will be followed by the integration of the robot into various special exhibitions of the museum. Thus, such a system offers ideal conditions for the presentation of information on the exhibits and the overall exhibition, which go beyond the stationary exposition and can be presented multimodally/multimediaally as required.


PD Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Hans-Joachim Böhme

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