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[Translate to English:] Integrierte Sinneserweiterung in Schutzbekleidung

ISS – Integrierte Sinneserweiterung in Schutzbekleidung

Project Description

The aim of the joint project is to research and develop innovative components for new, intelligent protective equipment that will make the dangerous operations of firefighters more controllable and safer. For this purpose, two novel man-machine interfaces are to be integrated into the helmet system: In addition to a holographic display in the wearer's field of vision, a vibrotactile display will transmit signals recorded by external sensors directly to the wearer's skin without distractions. At the same time, an associated telemetry system will enable the command to monitor and evaluate operations accurately and clearly in real time.

Together with the Dresden Fire Department as an associated partner, the research association aims to improve firefighting in the future and to significantly reduce the dangers and risks to the safety of the firefighters.


Cooperation Partners

Informatics Systemhaus GmbH

Website: Informatics Systemhaus GmbH

Vision Optics GmbH

Website: Vision Optics GmbH

Key Data


01.2020 – 12.2021

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