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Topics for thesis and job offers

The woking group "Smart Produktion Systems" offers a large numer of possible topics in the form of student research projects, project work and final assignments. The Industrial IoT Test Bed as a superordinate project topic facilitates interdisciplinary subjects for student reserach projects and final assignments. In addition to student vacancies, positions as research assistants are also advertised here. If you have futher questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Current job and topic advertisements

Further topics

► Design of real and virtual operating consoles for machines
► Design and development of man-machine-interfaces
► Modelling of operative scenarios for automatic factory operation
► Supervision and control in automatic production operation
► Use of NoSQL database in the prodution enviroment
► Energy-Monitoring
► Energy-optimized production control
► Visualization of production data

Current Thesis

Degree Topic Project or Partner Revisor
Master GitOps principles as a managed service provider using the example of T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH T-Systems MMS GmbH Max Schwerdtner
Diplom Design and implementation of a reference architecture for service quality in service-based "System of Systems" architectures RISE4PM Daniel Mager
Diplom Determination of Quality of Service in Service-Oriented Software Architectures RISE4PM Tom Langer
Bachelor Investigation of a process model for requirement engineering using BPMN   Christian Knoll


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