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Topics for thesis and job offers

The woking group "Smart Produktion Systems" offers a large numer of possible topics in the form of student research projects, project work and final assignments. The Industrial IoT Test Bed as a superordinate project topic facilitates interdisciplinary subjects for student reserach projects and final assignments. In addition to student vacancies, positions as research assistants are also advertised here. If you have futher questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Current job and topic advertisements

Further topics

► Design of real and virtual operating consoles for machines
► Design and development of man-machine-interfaces
► Modelling of operative scenarios for automatic factory operation
► Supervision and control in automatic production operation
► Use of NoSQL database in the prodution enviroment
► Energy-Monitoring
► Energy-optimized production control
► Visualization of production data


Current Thesis

Degree Topic Project or Partner Revisor
Master GitOps principles as a managed service provider using the example of T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH T-Systems MMS GmbH Max Schwerdtner
Diplom Design and implementation of a reference architecture for service quality in service-based "System of Systems" architectures RISE4PM Daniel Mager
Diplom Determination of Quality of Service in Service-Oriented Software Architectures RISE4PM Tom Langer
Bachelor Investigation of a process model for requirement engineering using BPMN   Christian Knoll

Completed Thesis

Degree Topic Industrial Partner Academic Year
Bachelor Integration of wireless sensor networks into a system of systems RISE4PM 2022
Master Detecting charging for electric-powered vehicles using deep-learning-based analytics of smart-meter electricity consumption data. Fraunhofer IIS/EAS & KiWi 2022
Master Development of a condition monitoring application for the automated analysis of the temporal fluctuation behavior of production systems   2022
Bachelor Integration, mode of action and potentials of a CI/CD pipeline for an MES system Infineon Dresden 2022
Master Concept for condition monitoring of servo motors in production lines to increase production efficiency Procter & Gamble 2022
Diplom Design and comparison of thermographic methods for the detection of udder inflammation in dairy cattle. Robotron Datenbank-Software GmbH & KiWi 2022
Bachelor Development and evaluation of human-machine interfaces for mobile devices in industrial environments Arrowhead Tools 2021
Master Development of a procedure model for the monetary and qualitative valuation of machine data in the corporate environment FhG IWU 2021
Diplom Evaluation and testing of Smart Service Engineering methods in the environment of an Industrie 4.0 production platform Volkswagen AG, Abt. SDC Production 2021
Master Action guideline for information security management when setting up a 5G campus network TS MMS 2021
Master Design, implementation and evaluation of a communication system for knowledge transfer within VR training environments in the context of mechanical and plant engineering Fraunhofer IVV 2021
Master Conception of a framework for rule-based machine and plant capability description - 2021
Master Development of a concept for the monetization of event streams in enterprise messaging systems Itaricon 2021
Master Creation of course materials for the virtual commissioning of Industrie 4.0 systems Festo Didactic 2021
Diplom Automated configuration of human-machine interfaces for exhaust air purification systems by prototypical implementation of model-driven architectures CASO und DAS Environmental Expert GmbH 2021
Bachelor Investigation of the feasibility of an OPC UA integration in Amazon Web Services CASO und Deloitte Digital GmbH 2020
Master Process Analyse Tail Signing Process Austrian Airlines Austrian Airlines 2020
Master Developing a new Concept for Managing, Deploying, Distributing and Operating lloT Applications in Heterogeneous Environments Systema 2020
Bachelor Investigation of Data Flows and Sensors for the Storage and Retrieval of 300mm Reticlen Ah Tools / IFD 2020
Master Development of a Reference Model to Support Usage-Based Subscription Models of Technical Products - 2020
Diploma Challenges and Success Factors of Knowledge Management in Agile Organisations – Status Quo Based on a Systematic Literature Search T-Systems MMS 2020
Diploma Investigation of the Situation-Dependent and Variable Motion Control with a Collaborative Robot - 2020
Diploma Conceptual and Constructive Realization of a Material Handling System for the Automation of Weighing Machines Projekt: KoMaA 2019
Diploma Investigation of Methods for Evaluating Data Quality in the Context of Big Data Infineion AG 2019
Diploma Use of Machine Learning for Automated Detection of Load Profiles and Breakdown of Consumption in the Energy Sector and the Smart Factory Arrowhead Tools / itc 2019
Bachelor Examination of AutomationML to describe the capabilities of plants CASO 2019
Diploma Development of a prototype for automated LifeCycle Management for SharePoint TeamSites using Office 365 and PowerShell T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH 2019
Diploma Investigation of the Mapping of Smart Factory Use Cases in the IoT Automation Framework Arrowhead Projekt: Arrowhead Tools 2019
Diploma Prototypical Development of a Tactile Warning System for Autonomous Factories - 2019
Master Recommendation for the Creation of Dynamic Recipe Generators in the Environment of Decentralized Manufacturing under Consideration of Current Industry Standards Projekt: CASO 2019
Bachelor Effects of IT Sourcing Strategies on the IT Organization of Companies - 2019
Bachelor Data Collection and Processing with Subsequent Scenario Analysis within the Framework of a Simulation Study in Project-Oriented Manufacturing Bombardier Transportation GmbH 2019
Bachelor Development of a data driven mixed reality human machine interface - 2019
Bachelor Conception of an Interactive Workshop on the Topic "Successfully Implementing Lean Management and Industry 4.0 in medium-sized Businesses" - 2019
Diploma Conception and Piloting of an Event Management Solution Using Splunk ITSI itelligence 2019
Diploma Development of a Model for the Decision between Deployment Concepts for Extensions of Different Software Types X-FAB Dresden GmbH & Co. KG 2019
Master Digital Transformation in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Germany, China and the USA. A Comparative Analysis regarding their current situations, challenges and opportunities - 2019
Bachelor Obsolescence Management of IT Components Comparative Analysis of Available Methods for Hardware and Software Airbus Defence & Space GmbH 2019
Diploma Automatic Business Process Restructuring - 2019
Diploma Development of a Generic Framework for the Calculation of Production Key Figures Using Plant Information Models - 2018
Bachelor Time Series Based Anomaly Detection for Database Operation SQL Projekt AG 2018
Bachelor Operational Intelligence in the Context of IoT Using the Example of Splunk Enterprise Robotron Datenbank Software GmbH 2018
Diploma Evaluation of the SMACK Stack and Development of a Showcase with Focus on Data Streaming Symate GmbH 2018
Diploma Increasing the Agility and Self-Organization Capability of BPM through Intuitive Process Design and Process Support - 2018
Master Continuous Delivery Using Container Solutions for Systems for Software and Hardware Integration Fraunhofer IPMS 2018
Master Research and implementation of reengineering concepts to integrate a nowadays MES for an existing fab CamLine 2018
Diploma Consensus-based Self-Management of Distributed Stateful Applications - 2018
Diploma Knowledge Model Based Sssessment of the Degree of Digitization of Manufacturing Systems - 2018
Master Continuous Delivery Using Container Solutions for Systems for Software and Hardware Integration Fraunhofer IPMS 2018
Master Concept and Demonstration of Material Flow Control and Optimization in a Smart Factory for Job Shop and Flow Shop Manufacturing Environments DUALIS GmbH IT Solution 2017
Master Development of a Comparative Methodology with Regard to the Total Cost of Ownership for IoT Platforms in Industrial IoT iSAX GmbH & Co. KG 2017
Diploma Use of Cloud Services and Cloud Infrastructure in Software Development Saxonia Systems AG 2017
Diploma Optical Quality Assurance Using Deep Learning Robotron Datenbank-Software GmbH 2017
Diploma Design and Prototypical Implementation of an Online SPC to Create a Consistent Cloud-Based Framework to Improve Process Capability Robotron Datenbank-Software GmbH 2017
Master Automatic Generation of Business Rules Using Process Mining - 2017
Master Development of a Concept for Monitoring Web Applications in the Environment of SAP ME/MII Applications SYSTEMA GmbH 2017
Master Maintenance Optimization by Means of Machine Learning Methods Using the Example of Machine Sensor Data in the Big Data Environment Fraunhofer-Institut für Photonische Mikrosysteme (IPMS) 2017
Diploma Evaluation of the Requirements of Ambient Assisted Living Concepts in Assisted Living in Germany T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH 2017
Diploma Automatic Acquisition and Inventory of an Existing Application Landscape in a Graph Database Using the Example of Neo4j Infineon Technologies Dresden GmbH 2017
Diploma Development of a Service Concept for Open Source Databases for an Energy Supplier ENSO Energie Sachsen Ost AG 2017
Bachelor Value Stream Analysis to Determine Industry 4.0 Process Capability Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems (IPMS) 2017
Bachelor Concept for the Optimization of Digital Documentation and Evaluation of Process and Quality Data in the Serial Production of Injection Molded Articles for the Automotive Industry FEP Fahrzeugelektrik Pirna GmbH 2017
Bachelor Effects of Digitalisation on product Controlling - 2017
Bachelor Comparison of the Applicability of Industry 4.0 Evaluation Systems for Space Travel and Verification Using the Ariane 6 Case Study Airbus Safran Launchers 2017
Master Development of a Pattern-Based Guide for the Migration of Cross-Application Business Processes Using the Example of SAP Process Orchestration - 2016
Master Integration of Machine Data in a Big-Data Solution Using the Example of Semiconductor Front-End Tools Fraunhofer-Institut für Photonische Mikrosysteme (IPMS) 2016
Master Development of a Tool for the Performance Test of a SAP ME System SYSTEMA GmbH 2016
Diploma Use of IT Service Management Software in the Non-IT Area to Support Applicant Management GmbH 2016
Diploma Continuous Delivery of Microservicesystems with Docker T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH 2016
Diplom Conception of a Guideline in the Area of SAP Integration and Prototypical Development of a Decision Machine for SAP Integration Architects ITARICON Digital Customer Solutions 2016
Diploma Methods and Tools for Intellectual Capital Reporting: How can they Be Used for the Strategic Orientation and Optimisation of Companies? ITM Gesellschaft für IT-Management mbH 2016
Diploma Decision Preparation for a Product Development in ServiceNow on the Topic "Campus Management - Student Life Cycle" GmbH 2016
Diploma Conception and Development of a Solution for Process and System Integration in Heterogeneous Production Landscapes Using the Example of a Model Factory - 2016
Bachelor Agile Software Development in Marketing Agencies - Empirical Problem Analysis of Scrum and KANBAN - 2016
Bachelor Opportunities and Risks of Service Orientation of IT in International Groups Using the Example of BMW AG BMW AG 2016
Bachelor Migration of a SharePoint Farm Solution into the SharePoint App Model Materna GmbH 2016
Master Provision of Preconfigured Software for the Operation of a Uniform, Platform-Independent Development Environment mgm technology partners gmbh 2015
Master Design and Prototypical Implementation of a Management System for Information Security in a University Environment - 2015
Master Generic Monitoring Framework for Heterogeneous IT System Landscapes T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH 2015
Master Integration, Evaluation and Comparison of an Implanter-Tool-Scheduler and an Implanter-Tool-Dispatch Procedure in the Discrete Semiconductor Factory Simulation Globalfoundries 2015
Diploma Analysis of Enterprise Service Bus and ETL Tools for the Extension and Migration of Interfaces between Business Applications T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH 2015
Diploma Conception and Prototypical Implementation of a Provisioning Solution for Working Environments in a Sharepoint Platform - 2015
Diploma Design of a Highly Scalable and Georedundant Web Application in a Professional Environment Using Microsoft Azure ProTechnology GmbH 2015
Diploma Identification of Template-Capable Requirements Using the Example of T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH 2015
Bachelor Conception and Testing of a Download Process under Consideration of the Economic and Legal Framework for the Project Online Update Daimler AG 2015

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