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Project Clever

Project description

The CLEVER project is developing a set of hardware accelerator, design stack and middleware innovations that will revolutionise the ability of edge computing platforms to operate federatively and utilise sparse resources coordinated to form a powerful swarm of resources. CLEVER technologies will support the deep edge computing paradigm by bringing computing services closer to the end user or data source to reduce power consumption, capacity requirements and latency for mission-critical applications. In addition, CLEVER will overcome the traditional limitations of edge computing in terms of limited resource availability by providing an effective framework for seamless use of federated resources in the edge cloud continuum. CLEVER will demonstrate artificial intelligence processing solutions at the edge through four use cases: (1) digital twin for factory optimisation, (2) smart agriculture for high-yield organic farms, (3) fully automated material provisioning, and (4) augmented reality for shopping malls. By achieving its goals, the CLEVER project will help position Europe at the forefront of intelligent edge computing and enable growth in many sectors (manufacturing, agriculture, smart environments, augmented reality, etc.) By lowering the barriers to the use of edge computing for artificial intelligence applications, CLEVER will open the door for European industry and SMEs to use cutting-edge technologies and foster their development and growth as leaders in their sectors.




M.Eng. Abishek Sunilkumar

M.Eng. Abishek Sunilkumar

Cooperation Partners

BMW Group and NVIDIA GmbH


Project duration

January 2023 to December 2025