Faculty of Informatics / Mathematics


This data set presents a tough challenge for robot localization in highly crowded environments. The total driven path over all runs is 113.3 km. 50 dynamic obstacles had been placed into the map. Link to the dataset.



This data sets offers log files taken in an severely changed indoor environment with 18 dynamic obstacles. The changes from the original map to the simulated world are highlighted in the figure. The total driven distance in this data set is 179.8 km. Link to the dataset.



This small data set contains real world logs from a 2.2 km long patrol between two points of a previously known map. The environment changed slightly and there are some dynamic obstacles present. The figure shows the robots driven path according to its raw odometry pose and the patrol points. Link to the dataset.



This data set presents a 4.7 km long tour within an environment which's representation is meanwhile outdated. Several static objects have been moved or removed and there are a differing amount of dynamic obstacles present. Link to the dataset.