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Data Set htwddKogRob-InfReal for Localization and Lifelong Mapping

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HTW Dresden/Bahrmann

This small data set contains real world logs from a 2.2 km long patrol between two points of a previously known map. The environment changed slightly and there are some dynamic obstacles present. The figure shows the robots driven path according to its raw odometry pose and the patrol points.


How to use

Within the zip archives are ascii files containing logs of robot observation and robot poses. If this data set was recorded in a simulated environment, the log contains an altered raw pose as well as a ground truth pose.
You can find more information in the log files header. To offer some help parsing the files, we give two Java-code snippets:

Laser Range Measurements:
        List<Double> ranges = new ArrayList<>(numOfLaserRays);
        List<Error> errors = new ArrayList<>(numOfLaserRays);

        String s = line.substring(4);
        String delimiter = "()";
        StringTokenizer tokenizer = new StringTokenizer(s, delimiter);
            String[] arr = tokenizer.nextToken().split(";");
            boolean usable = (arr[0].equals("0")?false:true);
            double range = Double.parseDouble(arr[1]);

        String poseString = line.split(":")[2];
        String[] elements = poseString.substring(1, poseString.length()-1).split(";");
        double x = Double.parseDouble(elements[0]);
        double y = Double.parseDouble(elements[1]);
        double phi = Double.parseDouble(elements[2]);



If you want to use this dataset in your own publication, please use the provided bibtex below:

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These datasets are made available under the Open Data Commons Attribution License: