Faculty of Agriculture/Environment/Chemistry

Thermodynamics of Mixed Phases and Interfaces

Interfacial thermodynamics

  • Adsorption thermodynamics
  • Simulation of gas-phase and liquid-phase adsorption and improvement of simulation algorithms
  • Textural and energetic characterization of porous and/or dispersed solids
  • Model development for the evaluation of gas and liquid adsorption isotherms
  • Prediction of multicomponent adsorption
  • Design of liquid-phase adsorption devices

Mixed phase thermodynamics

  • Determination of VLE (vapor liquid equilibria) and LLE (liquid liquid equilibria) data in multicomponent systems
  • Modeling and prediction of phase-equilibrium data with activity coefficient models (e.g. NRTL, UNIQUAC, mod. UNIFAC (Do)) and equations of state (e.g. CPA, SAFT, ESD)

Experimental methods

  • Gas adsorption volumetry and manometry
  • Liquid-phase adsorption device (self-construction)
  • Microcalorimetry for determination of immersion enthalpies
  • Circulation apparatus according to Röck und Sieg for measuring VLE
  • LLE equilibrium measurements
  • Concentration analysis using vibrational densitometry, gas chromatography, refractometry, Karl-Fischer and pH Titration, etc.

Current research projects

Project Funder  
Phase equilibria of liquid mixtures in the presence of solids or gas phases DFG  
Introduction of new teaching methods based on virtual reality in the master's program in chemical engineering at HTW Dresden Fond der chemischen Industrie  
Improved theories for calculating adsorption energy distributions of porous solids DFG  
Investigation of entropy effects in ordered crystalline microporous materials ESF  
Co-Creation-Lab "Surface Technology" under coordination of the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences Zwickau BMBF  
Investigation of the suitability of sound absorption measurements for the characterization of nanoporous solids SMWK  
Virtual lab thermodynamics Landesrektorenkonferenz Sachsen