Faculty of Agriculture/Environment/Chemistry

Why study horticulture in Pillnitz?

We offer ...

... a practice-oriented curriculum

  • Practical courses in the greenhouse and on the experimental field
  • Varied timetable with seminars, practical courses and lectures
  • Integrated practical semester
  • Trade fair visits and excursions

... options for shaping your own interests

  • Selection of focus from the 3rd Bachelor semester onwards
  • Deepening possibilities in production horticulture or garden and landscape construction
  • Offer for cooperative studies in garden and landscape engineering

... a future-oriented education

  • Possibility of a postgraduate Master's programme in Pillnitz or at another university
  • Applied research at the Pillnitz location
  • Networking via graduate associations

... assistance with starting your studies

  • Introductory event for first-semester students

  • Student accommodation near the campus (Studentenwerk Dresden)

... horticultural tradition in Dresden-Pillnitz

  • Since 1922 teaching and research for horticulture in Pillnitz
  • Cooperation within the framework of the "Green Forum" with neighbouring institutions:
    • Saxon State Office for Environment, Agriculture and Geology (LfULG)
    • Julius Kühn Institute (JKI) for Breeding Research on Fruit Crops
    • Pillnitz Palace and Park with botanical collections

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