Master's programme

Faculty of Agriculture/Environment/Chemistry

Master: Horticultural Production

Why a Master's programme in horticulture?

Horticulture plays an important role in many areas of our lives. With a Master's programme with us you will acquire the skills to take on important current and future challenges:

  • Production and marketing of high quality food in the face of rising consumer expectations and a growing world population

  • Developing innovative, sustainable production methods in the context of climate change

Qualification objectives

Expand your horticultural competences for professional practice and applied research:

  • Advanced cultural knowledge
  • Skills in planning and analysing production processes
  • Development of concepts for efficient land use
  • Consideration of economic, social and ecological framework conditions
  • Successful corporate and human resources management

Individual professional focus

  • Vegetable production and greenhouse management
  • Fruit growing and phytomedicine
  • Special ornamental horticulture
  • Medicinal and spice plants
  • Climate and weather science, agro-meteorology
  • Innovative process engineering

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Study modalities

  • Start in summer or winter semester
  • Full-time studies: 3 semesters standard period of study
  • Part-time studies possible according to the part-time regulations of HTW Dresden

Access requirements

  • First university degree qualifying for a profession in horticulture or in a similarly oriented field
  • Degree can be obtained at a university in Germany or abroad

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