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Cooperative studies in landscape engineering

Do you have a high school diploma or a university entrance qualification? Are you also looking for solid practical training including a degree in a horticultural field? Then you can optimally combine your personal interests and professional goals with a bachelor's degree in horticulture specialising in landscape engineering and an apprenticeship:

  • Practical, trade-orientated apprenticeship in a green profession
  • Academic studies at a University of Applied Sciences

In a total of 5 years, you can obtain a Bachelor of Science degree and a professional qualification as a landscape gardener. The vocational training takes place in a recognised gardening and landscaping training company, the Bachelor's degree course at the HTW Dresden-Pillnitz.


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    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Henning Günther, Specialist area of horticulture and landscape engineering

Information on the procedure (in German)

The first step is to conclude a training contract with a Saxon gardening and landscaping company. There is no need to attend vocational school during the in-company training. The theoretical vocational training takes place in small groups according to a special curriculum that is harmonised with the university curriculum. These courses, which provide intensive preparation for the intermediate and final examinations, take place at the Berufsbildungswerk des sächsischen Garten-, Landschafts- und Wasserbaus e.V. in Dresden. A monthly course fee is charged.

After the 14-month in-company training, the Bachelor's degree programme "Horticulture - Field of study: Horticulture and Landscape Engineering" begins at the HTW Dresden, for which you have to apply regularly. The practical semester of the degree programme is used for further in-company training and the final vocational examination. The degree programme can then be completed after a further three semesters.

Good reasons for students

  • Completion of the 2-year apprenticeship in a company with a training allowance
  • Apprenticeship and degree programme form a solid foundation for qualified work in gardening and landscapie engineering
  • Work experience before and during the degree programme
  • Direct application of the course content in landscape engineering companies
  • There is a high demand in the sector for well-trained and practically orientated specialists


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