Bachelor's programme

Faculty of Agriculture/Environment/Chemistry

Bachelor: Horticulture

Qualification objectives

IIn the Bachelor's programme you will acquire skills and knowledge that are particularly relevant in horticultural practice:

  • Specialist knowledge of the basics of plant cultivation: botany, plant nutrition, plant protection, plant breeding, greenhouse and outdoor technology in horticulture
  • Management and development of production processes in fruit, vegetable and ornamental plant cultivation as well as in tree nurseries
  • Procedures and methods in garden and landscape construction: open space design, construction management, cost and contract management
  • Sector-specific knowledge of business administration, trade and marketing
  • Application of methods of mathematics, statistics, physics and chemistry for horticultural challenges
  • Competences for the application of scientific methods in professional practice
  • Critical mindset and independent action
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HTW Dresden, Fakultät LUC

Offer for subsequent Master's programme

The successful graduation with the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) qualifies to take up a Master's degree in horticulture or related fields at a university in Germany or abroad – e.g. also at our faculty in Pillnitz:

  • Admission directly after Bachelor's degree or after individual practical phase
  • Horticultural production methods: own focus, enhanced knowledge, analysis and evaluation
  • Development of management skills
  • both practical and scientific orientation

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