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Job market

Professional field analysis

The horticultural profession analysis 2016/17 [1] provides information on the positioning of university graduates in horticulture on the job market. The analysis surveyed graduates from three universities and four universities of applied sciences in Germany.

According to the survey, 91% of those surveyed were employed, of whom

  • 52 % in the private sector
  • 31 % in the public sector
  • 17 % as self-employed

The main fields of work were here:

  • Staff management and work organisation
  • Consultation
  • Crop technology and plant production
  • Sales and distribution
  • Management and project planning

The graduates therefore saw their main tasks in the so-called operative business with the areas of work organization, consulting, cultural technology/production, sales as well as management and project planning.

For Master's graduates, tasks in research and experimental design as well as phytopathology and plant protection are becoming increasingly important.

Approximately 6% of the graduates who took part in this survey are now working abroad.

[1] ENNEKING, U.; KUNDE, S. (2017): Berufsfeldanalyse Gartenbau 2016/17. Ergebnisse der Absolventenbefragung. Hochschule Osnabrück, Fachgebiet Agrarmarketing.


Graduates with a degree in horticulture are prepared for a very broad spectrum of professions.

However, the following professional fields should be highlighted:

  • Management of companies and enterprises in horticulture and landscape construction
  • Management functions in horticultural wholesale and retail trade
  • Consulting activity in official consulting or in consulting rings
  • Product consulting in the horticultural supply industry
  • Management functions in the administration of the EU, federal government, provinces and districts
  • journalistic, advisory and professional activities in media, associations and organisations
  • development aid
  • Planning offices, experts and expert opinions
  • Teaching and research at universities, technical colleges and other educational institutions
    (educational and experimental institutions, vocational schools, further education and training institutions)

Weitere Dokumente/ Antragsformulare finden Sie hier: https://www.htw-dresden.de/en/luc/study-programmes/horticulture/job-market