Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

International Mechanical Engineering Studies (IMES)

International qualifications and experience, language skills and intercultural skills are becoming increasingly important for production specialists and managers in addition to technical expertise. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the HTW Dresden offers in the diploma degrees the following possibilities. The study fields can optionally be linked with the international orientation "International Mechanical Engineering Studies" (IMES) to enhance foreign experience.


OPAL-Course to the IMES-Programm

1. Participation in the special IMES modul "Languages" (2x 5 ECTS):

  • usually the language English must be selected
  • language modules for IMES: Modul S061 and Modul S062
  • target degree: Level B2
  • in special justified cases a different language can be selected
  • the IMES module S061 (1x 5 ECTS) are recognized for the language modules S512/S513 (2x 2 ECTS)
  • the IMES module S062 (1x 5 ECTS) is taken over into the note list as an additional module
  • Note: Additional modules can later - upon request - be transferred directly to the certificate

2. Participation in a subject-specific compulsory module (1x 3 ECTS):

     Note: the subject-specific compulsory module can - upon request -
                replace a w.o. module of the study regulations.

     => Modul M485 „Manufacturing Technology"

  • topics from the specific subjects of the production engineering are taken up and presented in English language and discussed
  • lectures by guests (et al also former foreign interns)
  • notes and requirements for English lectures
  • each participant holds a lecture to a self-chosen topic

     => Modul M519 "Micro- and Biosystems Technology"

  • More information to be announced.

     => Modul M948 "Thermal Renewable Energy"

  • More information to be announced.

3. Obligatory semester abroad (1x 30 ECTS):

  • Option/Mobility 1: Internship abroad (5th semester, internship report).
  • Option/Mobility 2: Thesis abroad (8th semester, thesis with English abstract (approx. 5 pages) or completely in English)
  • Option/Mobility 3: Study abroad at partner university (study in English or other working language than German)

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