Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Honorary Professors

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has succeeded in recent years to attract representatives from renowned companies for a free activity. Thus it is possible to carry out courses with strong practical relevance at irregular intervals.

Name Area of Expertise Contact via
Franzke, Uwe (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) Air Conditioning Technology Prof. Bolius
Gärtner, Uwe (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) Combustion Process / Thermodynamics Prof. Zikoridse
Klotzbach, Udo (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) Laser Microtechnology Prof. Himmer
Lindackers, Dirk (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) Vacuum and Cryogenic Technology Prof. Morgenstern
Reinhold, Bertram (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) Innovative Materials in Automotive Engineering Prof. Hünert
Richter, Arndt (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) Computer Integrated Production Prof. Jäckel
Roesch, Wolfgang (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) Rail vehicle technology Prof. Naumann