Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


The professors are engaged in the education of students and perform additional research tasks. Furthermore, they represent the faculty and their degree programs in public.

The assignment of teachers to the respective areas/degree programs can be found here: Link ⇒ Areas

Name Telephone
(0351 462 - )
Room Email Professorship
Berg, Torsten (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2377 Z 332 Email Vehicle Hydraulics / Fluid Systems Engineering
Berner, Matthias (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2571 Z 202 Email Engineering Mechanics / Lightweight Construction
Bolsius, Jens (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 3224 Z 204A Email Building Physics / Climate Control and Air Conditioning
Georgi, Wolf (Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil.) 3300 Z 205 Email Product Development / CAD
Göbel, Gunther (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2523 Z 259 Email Joining Technology
Hannawald, Lars (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2228 Z 329B Email Automotive Engineering / Safety of Motorvehicles
Himmer, Thomas (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2555 Z 334A Email Manufacturing Systems / Primary Shaping
Hofinger, Ines (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2618 Z 202 Email Engineering Mechanics
Hünert, Daniela (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2582 S 234 Email Materials Science
Jäckel, Mathias (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2154 Z 333 Email Forming and Machining Technology
Kempe, Tobias (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 3658 Z 334B Email Fluid Mechanics / Turbo Machines
Krawietz, Rhena (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2737 N 227 Email Technical Physics
Kühsel, Uwe (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 3064 Z 317B Email Manufacturing Scheduling and Assembly Technology
Kullig, Eckehard (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2327 Z 203B Email Mechanics/Mechanics of Materials/Fatigue
Morgenstern, Jens (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2592 Z 323B Email Thermodynamics
Naumann, Gunther (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2216 Z 214 Email Measurement Technology and Machinery Laboratory
Rennekamp, Reinhold (Prof. Dr. rer. nat.) 2739 N 228 Email Technical Physics
Römhild, Iris (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2630 S 236 Email Construction and Power Train Engineering
Rosenbaum, Thomas (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2407 Z 324 Email Production Measurement Technology / Quality Management
Stehr, Gunther Claus (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 3582 Z 204B Email Engineering Design / Machine Elements
Strucks, Mario (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 3204 Z 314 Email Factory Planning / Factory Operations
Trautmann, Toralf (Prof. Dr. rer. nat.) 2854 U 339 Email Vehicle Mechatronics
Werdin, Heiko (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 3585 Z 302 Email Building Systems Engineering
Wittmer, Martin (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2321 Z 331 Email Construction of Vehicles / Industrial Vehicles
Zikoridse, Gennadi (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2163 U 340 Email Automotive Engineering / Power Train Engineering
Zschornak, Matthias (Prof. Dr. rer. nat.) 2740 N 226 Email Technical Physics