Quickstart for Freshmen

Students are confronted with many new experiences at the beginning of their studies. Setting up the necessary technical connections early on helps to ensure a smooth start, so that students can work quickly and can devote themselves fully to their studies. This page summarises the main IT services of the computing centre needed for the start of your studies. By clicking on the image, you will be forwarded to detailed information regarding the respective service.
Queries about setting up these services will gladly be answered by the student service desk.


All students are provided with a mail address firstname.surname@stud.htw-dresden.de, where umlauts and ß are converted. Only in case of multiple occurrence of the same first and last name the mail addresses will contain an additional consecutive number: firstname.surname<number>@stud.htw-dresden.de. You can use the Outlook Web App (OWA) to manage your mails via your browser (also accessible from outside the HTW). You can find your e-mail address there after registration by clicking on your (possibly schematic) profile picture in the upper right corner.

Again and again, fake e-mails are sent in order to obtain passwords or other data. You can find detailed information on how to recognise such e-mails on our website Detecting malicious e-mails.

Changing the HTW login password

To authenticate users for selected services of the IT Service Centre, the directory service Active Directory ist used. Upon matriculation, first semester students receive the so-called HTW login with an initial password. This login enables students to use a variety of services of the HTW. For hints for changing the password, see here.

Authentification via Shibboleth (DFN-AAI)

Shibboleth is a single-sign-on authentication service that allows students to access content from protected web applications. The concept of Shibboleth envisages that users only have to authenticate once with their home institution in order to be able to access services or licensed content from different providers independent of location.
You'll find further information here.


Wi-Fi (eduroam)

Through the DFN service eduroam, students, staff and guests of other universities participating in the eduroam network can gain access to the Wi-Fi of the HTW Dresden. Likewise, HTW Dresden students and staff can also connect to Wi-Fi at other universities participating in the eduroam network.
You'll find further information here.


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