Terms of use (HTW-Login)

With the issuance of a HTW-login, you have the right to use central services offered by the Centre for Information Services and Digital Transformation (ZID) (including e-mail, file service, Internet and WLAN access) for the fulfillment of your tasks in teaching, study, research, education and training, university administration and other tasks necessary for the operation of the university. It is forbidden to pass on this right to third parties (in particular by passing on HTW-login and password). Every user is obliged to use the IT systems of HTW Dresden and other institutions accessible via the communication network exclusively within the scope of the authorizations granted to him/her (if necessary, based on special applications) and in compliance with the respectively valid IT-Regulations and the terms of use.
The ZID expressly points out the necessity of observing the legal regulations as well as the possible consequences under criminal and civil law in case of disregarding them. The ZID is entitled to document and evaluate the use of the data processing systems and software by the individual users, as far as this is necessary to ensure proper system operation, for resource planning and system administration, to protect the personal data of other users, for billing purposes, for the timely detection and elimination of system vulnerabilities and malfunctions or for troubleshooting or to clarify and prevent unauthorized or illegal use, e.g. in the event of a suspected cyber attack.
In case of violation of the rules from the IT-Regulations, your HTW-login may be temporarily or permanently restricted or blocked. In the event of serious violations of applicable laws, the university reserves the right to file criminal charges with the appropriate authorities.
Should the university be held liable by third parties for damages, omission or in any other way due to intentional or negligent misconduct in the use of the IT systems, the university reserves the right to hold the person(s) responsible liable for this.
Please note that the processing of personal data and its transport via networks are subject to special conditions and must be agreed upon with the ZID.
In the case of mails with links to systems or websites, always pay attention to the actual sender, the presence of a certificate and the exact link address. Only enter your HTW-login and password if this information can be attributed to the university and the context is comprehensible.
Information and current messages regarding the use of the university's IT systems can be found on the pages of the ZID and the faculties and must be observed. The University's current IT-Regulations are posted on the web pages.
Short link to the IT-Regulations of the HTW-Dresden: www.htw-dresden.de/IT-Ordnung


Terms of Use

IT-Regulation (only in German)