General information

The HTW Dresden has been a member of the DFN service DFNRoaming/eduroam since November 2004. This allows all members of institutions also participating in the eduroam alliance (commonly universities and libraries) access to the WLAN of our university. In return, employees and students of the HTW Dresden can also use the eduroam-WLAN provided at each of these foreign institutions.

The "roaming" function of eduroam works completely automatically. No matter whether a user is at his home institution or a guest at a foreign institution - a correctly configured  device connects to an "eduroam" WLAN in the same way.

Setting up eduroam

As a member of the HTW Dresden, please always use the eduroam instructions provided here, even if you want to use eduroam at another institution participating in the eduroam alliance for the first time!

Detailed instructions for the eduroam setup are provided here:

If you want to set up eduroam on an unsupported platform, please contact the  IT Service Centre via the contact form or by e-mail