Faculty of Informatics / Mathematics

Archaeological Field Trip to Mongolia 2024

For the period from 21.07.-02.08.2024 (date subject to change), the excursion to participate in archaeological research in Mongolia will take place again. The work on site is embedded in a cooperation with the German Archaeological Institute (DAI), the National University of Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar (NUM) and the Mongolian Academy of Sciences (MAW).

Aims and topics of the excursion

During the excursion, the participants will have the opportunity to take part in the working processes of archaeological research. A special focus will be on archaeoinformatics, the applied computer science in archaeology and the gathering and management of spatial information. Planned activities during the excursion are:

  •     Aerial surveys and recordings of small and large sites
  •     Creation of 3D models (finds in the Kharkhorum Museum, ramparts in the field)
  •     Use of ground penetrating radar for non-invasive archaeological exploration
  •     Use of VR applications in the museum
  •     Carrying out archaeological fieldwalking and survey work
  •     Visit to the NUM, presentation of archaeoinformatics projects
  •     Cultural programme, visit to the National Museum

Preparatory meeting

One or two preparatory meetings will take place before the excursion, at the beginning of the semester. The participants will get a first insight into the regional studies, the archaeological research of the DAI in Mongolia and, if applicable, the possibility to gain first experiences in flying and data recording with multicopters. In addition, the individual projects of the participants will be discussed in advance.

Supervision of the excursion

PD Prof. Dr. Marco Block-Berlitz (Faculty of Computer Science/Mathematics)
Prof. Dr. Martin Oczipka (Faculty of Geoinformation)
Dr. Hendrik Rohland (Faculty of Computer Science/Mathematics; DAI)

Participation options and conditions

There is place for 5 students of the faculties of informatics/mathematics and spatial information each. 

Costs and Funding

The participation will cost about 1600 € per person. Part of the sum can possibly be financed by a bursary (more information soon).