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Ecological Development of Water Bodies

Perspektive on Floating Wetlands
L. Baldauf
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Key Aspects

Riparian areas play a decisive role in maintaining the very good ecological status of surface water bodies in accordance with the requirements of the European Water Framework Directive (EU WFD). The diverse functions and requirements of water bodies are in conflict with the high utilisation pressure and limited land availability, especially in urban areas. The use-oriented adaptation of water bodies leads to hydromorphological changes that affect the dynamic processes of these complex systems. With a method developed at the HTWD for monitoring microplastics, floating vegetation stands made from sustainable modules and the life cycle assessment of the materials used for this purpose, the project team is addressing three current aspects of ecological water development.


Floating Wetlands

Microplastic Analysis

Life Cycle Assessment

The floating body of the islands is rooted by the plants used and - in contrast to previous methods - consists exclusively of organic or residue-free decomposable materials, which enables it to remain in the water permanently.


Using a method patented at the HTWD, the fate of microparticulate residues of plastic-containing materials in water and in water sediment can be analysed, separated (according to thetype of polymer) and quantified.


The life cycle assessment of the materials used serves to evaluate the ecological footprint of the structure. Both material and energy flows over the entire life cycle of the structure are taken into account in order to assess its sustainability and environmental compatibility.


Project Goals

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