Faculty of Electrical Engineering


Name Telephone
(0351 462 - )
Room Email Professorship
Baldauf, Tim (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2035 Z 448 Email Electromagnetic Fields / Optoelectronics
Bindel, Thomas (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2860 Z 442 Email Control Engineering
Boden, Ralf (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2326 Z 402A Email Signal Processing / Electronic Measurement Technology
Collmann, Ralf (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2471 Z 432 Email Communication Technology / Radio Systems
Dimter, Tom (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2644 Z 437 Email Industrial Control Engineering
Engelbrecht, Julia (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2877 Z 434 Email Communication networks and cyber security
Franke, Matthias (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2249 Z 420 Email Plant, Product and Building Automation
Giering, Kay-Uwe (Prof. Dr. rer. nat.) 2338 Z 436 Email Microsystems technology / Mixed-signal design
Göhler, Lutz (Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil.) 3428 Z 423 Email Power Electronics / Renewable Energies
Henker, Matthias (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2700 Z 441 Email Measurement Technology / Optical Signal Transmission
Hirsch, Ole (Prof. Dr. rer. nat.) 2343 Z 428 Email
Kelber, Kristina (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2313 Z 429 Email Communications Engineering
Meyer, Jörg (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2642 Z 450B Email Regenerative Electrical Energy Systems / Energy Storage
Rogler, Ralf-Dieter (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2544 Z 421A Email Switchgear Technology
Schmidt, Marc-Peter (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2504 Z 435 Email
Schönherr, Jens (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 3060 Z 449 Email Digital Circuits and System Design
Schuhmann, Thomas (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2741 Z 402B Email Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering / Electrical Drive Systems
Seelig, Hans-Dieter (Prof. Ph.D.) 2346 Z 438 Email Process Measurement Technology
Valtin, Gerd (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 3790 Z 439 Email Electrical Power Supply
Zaiczek, Tobias (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2174 Z 450A Email Mechatronic Systems
Zeisberg, Sven (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 3131 Z 422 Email Telecommunications Technology
Zipser, Stephan (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) 2316 Z 421B Email Vehicle Electronics / Electromobility