Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Distance Learning Course in Electrical Engineering / Communication Technology

Distance Learning Course in Electrical Engineering/Communication Technology

Distance learning is a form of study equivalent to direct study. It consists of

  • Basic studies (1st - 5th semester)
  • Subject studies (including diploma thesis, 6th - 10th semester)

This distance learning course will be replaced by the distance learning course in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (Diploma) from winter semester 2024/2025. Students who are already enrolled on the distance learning course in Electrical Engineering/Communication Technology will remain on this course.

The educational objective, the course content and the examination requirements for distance learning in the electrical engineering / communication technology diploma course correspond to those of direct study of the electrical engineering and information technology course, whereby four main areas can be combined in different ways.

Appropriate combinations of the main areas of study are

  • Telecommunications/Signal processing
  • Automation technology/Signal processing
  • Automation technology/Electrical power engineering.

The admission requirement is, like for all other courses, a university entrance qualification (HZB).

In addition to the self-study components, the training also includes 6-8 attendance days per semester (Saturdays), as well as one attendance week (Monday to Saturday) in February and September with consultative guidance from university professors.

In addition to seminar courses and laboratory practicals, they are also used to monitor course performance and to carry out examinations.