Communications Technology

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Communications Technology

Profile of the programme

The communications technology programme is based on the principles of classical telecommunications engineering, which provides the knowledge required for the implementation of modern digital telecommunications and data communications systems, as well as audio and video processing technologies. Laboratories featuring modern equipment, state-of-the-art communications lines, and wireless communications solutions are provided for this:

  • High-frequency radio systems/satellite systems/mobile communications technology
  • Optical wavelength multiplexes (WDM) and free-space optical transmission
  • VDSL and ADSL transmission systems
  • Close-range data communications systems (e.g. ZigBee sensor networks)
  • Audio and image processing systems

This system-oriented training schedule works closely with hard- and software and explains the application of tools for producing models and simulations. Direct contact with industry partners guarantees a high degree of practical relevance throughout the programme.

Areas of application and employment

This programme provides training in a technical field that is currently in a breathtaking phase of development. Communications technology has conquered all areas of life in modern societies. The planned expansion of the glass-fibre infrastructure for comprehensive broadband service, the introduction of fourth generation mobile communications, and the increased distribution of radio sensors are already foreseeable as the next great challenges. Instruction in this area is therefore future-oriented and provides good employment chances.

Graduates of this programme are qualified for employment in planning, development, and production of individual components, as well as complex communication systems and the operation of such systems, including services and customer consultation. The programme therefore opens up above-average career opportunities in numerous fields, for example:

  • Development of telecommunications and data communications systems
  • Development and integration of communications functions in all technical areas (e.g. the automobile industry, entertainment, and medical technology)
  • Planning, structure, and quality monitoring for communications networks
  • Employment in television and radio technology industries
  • Product and project management, as well as technical distribution
  • Production and testing technology
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