Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Energy and Drives

Areas of application and employment

Graduates of the field of electrical power engineering and drive technology are in demand in all economic areas due to the extensive use of electrical power in any modern industrial company:

  • in companies producing or distributing electrical power
  • in systems, devices, and machine production, and in the vehicle industry
  • in transportation and traffic companies
  • in the electrical regional and light rail industries
  • in mid-sized industrial and handcraft companies
  • in a number of service-oriented fields.

This provides students with the prerequisites for successful employment in planning, development, production, commissioning, and maintenance of electrical power, communications systems, and traffic equipment systems. Constant adjustments to the course of studies with regard to current developments in the respective core subjects ensure better chances on the job market.

The borders between the various areas of employment are normally quite fluid, and the increasing distribution of applications has produced even more specialisations. The requirements of an electrical engineer are also subject to a high degree of change. His or her future tasks continue to reach further from pure product development and design to project management, implementation, and integration of complex hardware and software systems. In this way, more and more non-technical competence is required from engineers, from methods and linguistic skills to leadership qualities at the management level. Universities are constantly involved in meeting these new challenges by adjusting their curriculums.