Prof. Dr. Norbert Böhme

CAQ Block Seminar on 10./ 11.01.2020 - Free slots available!

CAQ – Computer Aided Quality

Duration: 10.01.20/ 1.20 pm11.01.20/ 12.40 am - Room: Z621

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-„What is CAQ?“

CAQ for aiding of following processes

  • evelopment process
  • material process
  • support processes

Development process in detail

-FMEA à Control Plan à Inspection Plan à PPAP
Including Gauge Management & Drawing Stamping in CAD

—-Production control in mass and serial production by SPC

—-Complaint management for the control of 8D and G8D processes

—-CAQ introduction in companies

—-Success story using the example of  the company WERA