Career ServiceHow to improve your chances to get hired

25.11.2022 /  13:00 Uhr -  14:30 Uhr

In the Class “How to improve your chances to get hired’’ we will approach CV and Cover Letter creation based on what position you will apply for, and what areas we should pay extra attention to catch the recruiter’s eye. The speakers will be Kyndryl employees who have experience in interview and candidate selection process - we will have opportunity to role-play an interview setting, where you will be asked to participate and find the do’s and don’t, and also an activity of CV creation. Design tips, vocabulary usage and presentation will be our 3 areas of focus for our class.

Speaker: Kamilia Maloumy, Doelinguer Reis, HR of kyndryl

The workshop is in the English language. Please register by contacting Birgit Brand:

The workshop is part of the joint project Scouting DD of HTWD and TUD supported by the regional budget of the Fachkräfteallianz Dresden.

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