Career ServiceInsurance System in Germany

16.05.2022 /  15:00 Uhr -  18:00 Uhr

Speaker/workshoplead: Sandro Egert (Dipl. Industrial Engineer, Wirtschaftsberatung Egert)

What should I know about Social Security in Germany? Am I protected against unemployment, sickenss and accident risks? What should I know about the social pension plan “Deutsche Rentenversicherung”?
Understanding a pay slip in Germany! What everyone should know about the most important private insurances in Germany e.g. private liability, disability and others. Household, Accident insurance and Retirement benefits and many more.

The workshop is in the English language. Please register by contacting Birgit Brand. You find all information on OPAL.

The workshop is part of the joint project Scouting DD of HTWD and TUD supported by the regional budget of the Fachkräfteallianz Dresden.

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